Computerized alignments are a specialty at Buds Muffler Inc. of Colorado Springs. Like brakes, most alignments are free to check. With every alignment we give the customer easy to read before and after spec’s on their car.  We always look for parts that have been bent from bumping curbs and hitting potholes. Along with factory adjustments, aftermarket parts may need to be installed to finalize an adjustment at an extra cost; If that’s the case we will explain the cost and why it was necessary.

We also have the capability to do CODE LINK alignments for newer cars that have computerized steering.

Lowered cars and raised trucks are no problem; We can align large wheels up to 28”. We also align custom cars and cars that are referred to as donks, that is raised cars with over-sized wheels. 

Like our Brake Service, our Alignments are complete so we don’t do “Toe and Go Alignments”. We also read the tires to see what’s going on with the alignment.

Custom Exhaust

Custom Exhaust and Bending pipe is our oldest specialty

At Buds Muffler Inc of Colorado Springs, we've been bending pipe since the 1950s, from following the original patterns for the equipment to custom bending out of our experience.

We use the best bender built! It leaves only a small shoe mark, which means a stronger pipe and more performance. We can bend pipes in diameter from 1 1/4" to 3". We stock all sizes of pipes up to 6", with bends and connectors for larger trucks or industrial situations. Since our main supplier is located in Denver we carry a very extensive supply of hardware, hangers, and gaskets to get the job done in one visit.exhaust pix

Buds Muffler Inc also specializes in repairing exhaust manifolds; we machine them flat again in-house and reinstall them with fresh gaskets. Along with resealing exhaust manifolds, we are skilled in removing broken bolts and exhaust studs from the engine.

Leaf Spring Re-Arching

Buds Muffler, Inc. has been re-arching leaf springs since the 1950s. We are a full-service spring shop providing services for all of your suspension needs.

Re-arching can raise the load capability of most vehicles up to 500 lbs above stock. It can also raise a vehicle back to stock, plus, as much as 2 inches higher. Also, we can go the other way, custom arching to lower vehicles.

We like re-arching your springs rather than selling you new ones. When we sell new you get what comes out of the box. We sell new springs and accessories. We do bushing replacement with stock or urethane.

At Buds Muffler, Inc. we also make our own custom u-bolts up to 7/8" diameter rod. We carry a large inventory of rod sizes and lengths. We service everything from hot rods to motor homes.

Brake Service

In most cases, brake inspections are free of charge. Buds Muffler, Inc. has always done complete brake service. When a complete brake service is performed our experts inspect all parts thoroughly to check for any failure due to something other than just the brake pads or brake shoes. With today's cars and trucks, there are more things to look at including, but not limited to, all hydraulic parts from master cylinders to brake calipers; And with anti-lock brakes, there are computer modules and sensors. We have invested in the latest test equipment and machinery to do the job right the first time.

Our employees spend as much time as needed on your car to get it right. We also have an on-the-car lathe that is the latest and most accurate lathe on the market, which means smoother braking for longer periods of time.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are a necessity in today's world because of the number of cars and trucks on the road. I remember when I was a kid walking home from Cub Scouts, we would walk by a car idling on the curb and our eyes and throat would burn. Those days are over. Back in 1990, I was told by a State Employee that Colorado Springs was one violation day away from going to Denver's emission testing, which to me would really be an imposition.

So at Buds Muffler, Inc we like catalytic converters! We always check "cats" for free, including scanning and pressure testing. Just because a catalytic converter gives a fault code doesn't mean it needs to be replaced. We fix a lot of cats with fuel system cleaning which removes carbon and other contaminants at a fraction of the cost of replacing cats. We use a 3M product that actually fixes about 8 out of 10 catalytic converters. We also use the best replacement for your car or truck. Today’s vehicles sensors hold the cats to a higher standard. We guarantee our cats will keep your indicator light off.

Suspension and Steering Diagnostic Services

Automotive suspension is the term given to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. Suspension systems serve multiple purposes. It contributes to the car’s road-holding/handling and braking, for good active safety and driving pleasure. It also keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and reasonably well isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations, etc.

The suspension system also helps the car steer. It creates smoother turning and holds steering angles tighter. It also holds the tire in alignment when driving straight down the road. Alignments are measured in the smallest degrees; for instance, toe alignments are measured in 1/100th of a degree. That seems like such a small fraction but it can make all the difference in the world on tire wear and driving comfort. When it comes to finding problems with a car's alignment, we look at it as a challenge and take the time to figure it out.

Complete Tire Service

Buds Muffler, Inc of Colorado Springs has been selling brand-name tires as a service to our customers since 1994. It really compliments our business because of our suspension and steering service. With our oil changes, we check your tire for wear and rotation every 3000 miles. It works really well. Tire wear is an indicator of worn parts in the front end or even the rear end of newer cars. We offer snow tires and all-season tires; some of our customers own two sets of tires that are changed out from summer to winter. As well as matching sizes with performance tires to old muscle cars.  Tires can be a costly investment that's why we always give a choice. But we found that you don't always have to choose the most expensive tire to get the best value. And there is always 6 month same as cash financing for customers with a valid driver's licenses and a current credit card.

Nitrogen tire service

Today's cars and trucks are built for tire nitrogen filled tires. If your car was built in 2004 or later it probably is built for nitrogen use. Have you seen those pesky tire lights? Nitrogen must be used in order to turn those off. Nitrogen is in the air we breathe but it's only 79.1% the rest is oxygen and moisture. When moisture changes temperature it either expands or contracts which will make your tires either over inflated or under inflated. Nitrogen is dry and it stays a constant pressure. Oxygen molecules are smaller than nitrogen molecules it will actually permeate the sidewall of the tire. Since we use tire pressure monitors capital TPM S we have to use nitrogen to keep a constant pressure in the tires. Buds muffler Inc. of Colorado Springs has invested into the equipment to service your nitrogen filled tires. We totally believe in nitrogen and we recommend it to all of our customers. Nitrogen is perfect for a hot and cold weather.

Tire pressure monitor sensor service (TPMS)

Tire pressure monitor sensors (TPMS) are on new cars starting in 2004. At Buds Muffler Inc., Colorado Springs, we can service them for our customers. It's a sensor that is placed in the tire and as you drive, it monitors the air pressure in your tires and talks to the main computer in your car. Buds Muffler Inc. in Colorado Springs we had to gear up with equipment and all the tools and then we stocked up our inventory of tire image of tire pressure monitor Tire Pressure Monitor pressure monitors. The tire pressure monitor itself is a sealed unit with the battery. The battery life is between 5 and 7 years. So in the near future there's going to be a lot of tire pressure monitors that are going to start malfunctioning. At Bud's muffler inc in Colorado Springs we can tell you which sensor is going bad and replace it. We have a state of the art scanner in programmer. With today's cars you are supposed to use this tool just to rotate your tires.

Headlight alignment has become more important in the last few years because of the development of HID and LED headlights. Your visibility is greatly increased when driving at night with focused beams, while at the same time not impairing other drivers ability to see without glare.

At Buds Muffler, Inc. we use Symtech tools that sense the heat temperature of the light beam. Our headlight aiming machine to read the light for adjustment.

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